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Portes Patio

Fenex Patio doors can really add a special flare to your home. Custom built to suit any style or type of home, our patio doors can range from standard to elaborate designs, limited only by your imagination. We work closely with you to find a perfect style and fit for your home, considering both how it will be used and the overall look, which results in a show-stopping, jaw-dropping combination of functionality and design.

Our patio doors run from the more traditional to the more customized, all with the highest standards of quality, aesthetics, and security. Our sliding doors stand apart by their rigid frames, made entirely of insulating multi-cavity PVC, making them exceptionally sturdy and energy efficient.

This sliding door system was designed to offer the best option on the market. Its airtightness is guaranteed with its continuous double weather-stripping around the perimeter and a strong interlock that is also fitted with double weather-stripping, providing it with unique performance.

Please contact us to see our full selection of fine home improvement products. Electronic brochures with our complete collection are available on request.